Chem Chep – Delicacies of Quang Binh

Chem Chep – Delicacies of Quang Binh

Chep of them clams, mussels at sea. They usually live in the dunes, hang of it lies under the sand smooth. Chem Chep larger the deeper the cave stay, riders often need only scratch the patch or something up and rake in more hours to many chem Chep. Pictures of chem Chep up that slim, very hard shell, with colorful flowers on a white background, big belly fat head, small mouth but also the head falling away.

Con loudest usually thumb, eating small children and little finger. The length of the Chep about 3 cm, width about 2 cm. Seasonality of Chep more often after the winter solstice, the colder the better the taste Chep. Chem Chep  in Quang Binh often hard shell and shell pattern on a white background.

Chep of them clams, mussels at sea

How to make delicacies of Quang Binh

Before bringing Chep for processing into food, need to clean the sand at Chep chem. To remove sand off the chem Chep Chep should drop into a pot of salt water, mixed with the ratio so that the salinity is like sea water, to quiet hours, Chep will open his mouth, so that the sand in the belly Chep will fall out and settle to the bottom of the pot. Then just picked Chep Chep is already chem clean food processing. Taste sweet, cool of the vote chem Chep cooked soup is as good as clam, mussel soup.

How to make it

Chem Chep can be processed into many different delicacies, from boiled to steamed, grilled, fried or even cooked porridge. However, most commonly boiled Chep chem. For chem Chep in boiling water with lemon grass stalks and drop in a few crushed, add a few slices of fresh sliced ​​chilli sauce salt and a little to fit your mouth.

Since chem Chep was very sweet secretion of the raid should not be too fussy flavor while maintaining bold flavors. Wait for the water pot boil for about five minutes to get seven. Chem Chep but served with boiled crunchy roll is awesome.