Porridge Soup – Delicious Dish in Quang Binh

Porridge Soup – Delicious Dish in Quang Binh Province

If ” Pho” cannot be missed when you visit Ha Noi, then you cannot miss Soup Porridge (Cháo canh) when visiting Quảng Bình province. This dish is the most favourite breakfast for the local people. Soup Porridge is not presented everywhere but only trusted restaurants rated by sophisticated food lovers.

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Porridge Soup – Delicious Dish in Quang Binh

Porridge Soup – Delicious Dish

Like the character of Quang Binh people, Porridge Soup is very simple with the fiber flour or rice flour finely chopped, not too thick nor too thin. I cannot find any delicious dish like that. Porridge Soup has water with pork bones, shrimp and fish, accompanied by chopped green cabbage. The sweet water mixes spicy from green mustard to make an unforgettable food.

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How it can be served

A bowl of porridge soup with Quang Binh style normally is served with fried cake. Enjoying a piece of fried cake on a sunny morning, then eat soup and fish eat, pork,… you can listen the old story about Cao Ba Quat met Nguyen Ham Ninh in Quang Binh on the way to capital to attend a national exam. Mr. Cao Ba Quat not only liked the landscape in Quang Binh but also was interested in porridge soup.

Porridge Soup – Delicious Dish in Quang Binh Province

Porridge soup is the simple name but it is likely as a symbol of a valuable culture in Quang Binh. Travelling to Quang Binh, you should never miss the opportunity to enjoy the porridge soup. It is one of many methods to understand about Quang Binh, Vietnam.