Stir fried Zucchini with Mushrooms

Quảng Binh is becoming an attractive destination for all tourist from over the world. People come to Quang Binh is not only visiting Son Doong Cave – one of the largest cave in the world, but they also coming to discover special local food. And Soft sweet potato jam is one of popular food in there.

>> Chem Chep

Stir fried Zucchini with Mushrooms

One healthy dish I want to introduce today is originally come from many Easy Vietnamese Recipes. It is called Stir fried Zucchini with Mushrooms (Bí Ngòi Xào Nấm). This dish is really simple and easy for cooking. Moreover, it will help you have a good appetite with family and friends. You also can use this dish like a vegetarian meal in Buddha days.


+) Zucchini
+) Straw mushrooms or king oyster mushrooms or any kind of mushroom you love
+) Spring onion
+) Fish sauce, salt, sugar, Magi’s stuff (if you are Vegetarian, use Vegetarian Magi’s stuff instead)
+) Pepper, garlic

Coming Quang Binh and let try this dish. We all hope that you would fall in love with sweet potatoes