Vietnamese Crepes Quang Hoa

Vietnamese Crepes Quang Hoa


Firstly, we have to say about Vietnamese Crepes Quang Hoa (Bánh Xèo Quảng Hòa). The crepe is made from red rice (raw rice or gạo lức) and quite simple to cook but need to have all its side dishes: snakehead fish, musa balbisiana (a type of wild bananas), vegetables, dry pancake and fish sauce.

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Ingredients and process

The vegetables must have bean sprouts and sesame. Bean sprouts must be made from big red beans and raw rice is soaked in water for 5 hours then grinded with some water twice so that the mixture will be in best quality. After finishing the grinding part, people add some salt, minced spring onions into the rice mixture. When cooking, you need to make sure that the heat is high before adding the rice mixture, hence, the texture will appear when the crepe is cooked.

Vietnamese Crepes Quang Hoa

Next, people cook the side dish: Steamed snakehead fish with Musa balbisiana. The bananas cover are peeled off, soaked with alum or lemon then minced. After that, the bananas are boiled & make into a shrimp shape and serve with the fish. The dish is best served when it is just cooked so do not order too many at once, you can ask for more later to fully enjoy the dish and see how it is one of our best Vietnamese food.