Quang Binh has great potential for tourism

Quang Binh has great potential for tourism

With much of the historic, scenic charm, Quang Binh today attracts tourists by the their inherent potential. Quang Binh how hospitable injured. It’s been 10 years and many changes and countryside. From blue to sea green mountain forest, fresh green shouts rang busy seasons drilling Lishui, Kien Giang river overflowing love country …

The effusive lyrics that take visitors to the countryside with land situated in the northern central region is where most narrow S-shaped strip of Vietnam and is the gateway to a wealth of Hue. Ngang Pass head on dreaming, Quang Binh strip spread like a monumental painting of green non specifically. Here, a forest, a sea with many beautiful natural scenery, famous landmarks and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was recognized as the World Natural Heritage. The province has the strength of the sea, forest and tourism, Quang Binh went up from the inner strength, brought this potential to become a key in economic development.

Quang Binh today attracts tourists by the their inherent potential


Quang Binh is 116.04 km long coastline to the east, lies on National Highway 1A and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, adjacent to the road via Highway 12A torus Asia and Cha Lo border gate international (trade with Laos) are favorable conditions for economic exchange – socially with other countries in the region. Currently, Dong Hoi airport was put into operation is considered important driving force to promote the business opportunities in this region. Also, Quang Binh also Hon La, around the archipelago cover wind.

Capacity ships around 3-5 lakh tons may enter the anchorage easy. To facilitate the attraction of investment, Quang Binh current development plan is complete Economic Cha Lo border gate international; Northwest Industrial Park in Dong Hoi (Dong Hoi) Dong Hoi airport 2.5 km, 2 km from National Highway 1A, Hon La Port Industrial Park …

Quang Binh is 116.04 km long coastline to the east

It features cultural relics Bau Tro, vestiges of the culture of Hoa Binh and Dong Son, many historical sites such as Quang Binh Quan, Luy Thay, Rao Sen, citadel of Trinh – Nguyen, multiple locations renowned in the two wars of aggression against the nation as one in five, Canh Duong, Cha Lo, Cong Troi, Xuan Son, Long University, Ho Chi Minh trail … civilized lands are more celebrity money wide school senior, high pass and famous past and present in many fields of military, cultural – social as Duong Van An, Nguyen Huu Canh, Nguyen Ham Ninh, Hoang Ke Inflammation, Giap …