Son Doong Photography Tour

Son Doong Photography Tour

Son Doong photography tour is intended for those who are already serious about photography, and photography lessons will not be provided on this tour. It is expected that anyone who joins this tour already has extensive knowledge of photography, including use of all their equipment. Our British caving experts will be able to help set up shots, but they are not responsible for capturing the actual shots.

Departure day

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and our driver will pick you up according to your departure time. Check out at the hotel will be at 12 pm regardless of your departure time. Again, please let us know in advance if you would like any additional night(s) at the hotel and we can secure that for you.

Son Doong photography tour is intended for those who are already serious about photography


Day 1:Phong Nha – Ban Doong Village – Hang En Cave

Enjoy foods and drinks at 8:00 am with your guide before departing at 9:00 am for the first leg of the expedition. You’ll leave extra luggage and any valuables at the Oxalis headquarters before heading to pick up the porter team and setting off for adventure.

After a 25 minute drive along Road 20 of the Ho Chi Minh Highway you’ll reach the Tra Ang bridge, which overlooks the national park including the river running below the bridge. Your tour guide will explain the historical importance of this area and give you a chance to take any photos if you feel so inclined. It’s then about 25 more minutes through the national park to reach the trailhead.

Son Doong cave

Dinner will be served at the spectacular campsite with numerous photographic opportunities, followed by nighttime photography of the campsite. If there is a clear sky, you may be able to capture some unique shots looking out of the “second entrance” into the night sky. On the rarest of nights, a full moon can also be viewed from camp through this entrance.

Day 2. Hang En Cave – Son Doong Entrance – Hand of Dog – SD Camp 1

In February, there is a good chance of epic sunbeams shining through the cave in the early morning. If so, your tour guide will take you to a high overlook next to camp where you’ll be able to set up your camera and capture the brilliance of these sunbeams. A member of the porter team can also stand in below to give an idea of scale in the photo.

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